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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tri-Fold Shutter Card Tutorial

Hello everyone!
I am going to try my hand at giving you a tutorial on making this card... it is so cool once it is completed... I am a hands-on visual learner! I need to see things done in order to comprehend them! It's always good for me to have written instructions and the visual together! I know there are probably a lot of similar tutorials out there in "Scrappin' land" but here's my take on this card!
One of the gals at our "get-together" the other night had brought some instructions on how to do this - I have refined them and made my own!

Let me know if it makes sense or if you need clarification!! :)

Here is the almost completed card .... I have not added any embellishments to it - as you can see - I will do that and show you the finished project tomorrow! I have 2 different ones made to this point - that's when I had the "brainwave" to do a tutorial .... it took me this long to figure it out! BUT - hey! easy now!!!!!

First - let me give you some written directions:
A) Cut Card Stock 5&1/2" by 12"... do not fold until project is completed.

B) Score at 2", 4", 8", 10"

C) Measure in 1&1/2" on both long sides and cut from the 2" score line to the 10"score line.

D) Cut Designer Paper 5 &1/4" by 12".

E) From the DP cut 2 pieces - 3 &3/4" by 5&1/4".

F) Take these 2 pieces and cut from the top and bottom of each one, pieces
measuring 1&1/2" by 2"... making a 'T' shape.

G) This will give you 4 left over pieces - cut these down to 1&1/4" by 1&3/4".

H) Cut remaining DP into the following: two pieces measuring 1&1/4" by 3&3/4"; one piece measuring 2& 1/4" by 3&3/4".
I) Adhere DP to CS.

J) Fold on fold lines - being careful NOT to fold on the score line where the sideways T is.

K) Embellish !
This is what you will have after you score and cut the cardstock...

This is one of the 3&3/4" by 5&1/4" pieces - on the back side - on each end I have drawn in pencil lines 2" X 1&1/2" - these areas will be cut out to make a "T" shape.

Here is this piece with the 2 corner pieces removed from it.
I have begun to adhere the DP to the cardstock...
Here - a few more pieces added...

Folded and standing on end so you can see the mountains and valleys!
Another view:

Have fun with this!


mybugandi said...

Thank you for this tutorial. Ive only been able to find one other tutorial that makes sense but I still had some questions that you answered. Thanks again. Lori

Oma said...

Many thanks for providing the measurements required for the design paper! I finished making the card and you have saved me the grief of measuring the design paper to adhere to it.

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial for this card. I'm off to go try one!!
Thanks again.

ann said...

This is brilliant I cannot wait to try it you are so clever Ann