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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whooo Whooo Who Who!

Happy Day Stampers!
Many years ago ... like 30 plus! ... I collected Owls! And of course, when one "collects" something that is what one gets for every occasion such as Birthdays, Christmas etc.! :) At this present moment I believe I only have 2 remaining owls from that collection! However - I think they are one of the most beautiful birds! Farmer Hubby is not too impressed with them because they will go after his baby chicks etc.!
'Nuff rambling - I finally purchased the owl punch a while ago .... have had some pieces sitting and waiting to be put together ... did that this morning! Here are 2 cards I made - almost like playing "paper dolls" again! Anyone remember doing that?
Don't like the color on this one - but couldn't figure out how to correct it! :(  BUT - I really like the card IRL! (in real life)
 And here is a Birthday Card for a friend ....
Thanks for stopping by!
I probably won't be back here until Friday as I have a WorkShop and Open House to prepare for ... Oh yes! and lunch with friends tomorrow; Bible Study Thursday morning ... Acupuncture treatment in the afternoon!! Phew! Just thinking about it tires me out!
See you soon!
Blessings and HUGS!

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Patti said...

Cute and colorful cards. I, too, was an owl collector. Still have some favorites.