"I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth." Genesis 9:13

Friday, May 28, 2010

A 'GUEST' Stamper

Hi Everyone!
Hasn't this weather been incredible?
I walked on the beach this afternoon with a friend... a little windy but ---- OH! So Nice!!!!!!
We have had a house guest for the past few weeks ... she is a scrapbooker but hasn't made cards before ... Well! She had her initiation a couple weeks ago & here are some she made today!
Well Done, Marian!

Have a great weekend! May the sun and the Son shine on you!
p.s. .... I have a new picture at the top of the blog - this butterfly was flitting around the lilacs yesterday... Beautiful, aye?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Tribute to Buster

It is a sad day in the Hamilton household ... early last evening Hubby took his faithful friend and companion (Buster the Border Collie) and went to Argyle to get a load of wood. While there Buster ran into the road and was hit by a car! This morning Hubby has buried him on the hill overlooking the pasture where the cows are -  they were Buster's faithful friends. As well as the pigs! Yesterday morning Hubby and Buster travelled to the Valley and came home with some little pigs ... he said Buster was quite excited to see them ... he probably was remembering his friend from last summer... there is a pic here of them together. Here is our remembrance of Buster....

We will miss you, Buster...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Anything but a Card!

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the long weekend... It's foggy here in South Ohio today ... must be real thick in areas close to the ocean!
I have not made a card for almost a week! But I want you to know that I'm not a slouch! I have been beading instead! I'm planning on having a table at the  Farmer's market selling cards and jewellery - the Market opens on June 5th ... so am trying to get my jewellery supply upgraded!
Here are a few pics....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Club Cards - May

Good morning!
Here are the cards we made at Club last night - I apologize for this photo ... see the little piece of paper lying on the card ... I didn't even see it til just now... I had some packages of DSP to give away and this must have been one of the names I drew last night ... don't have time to retake so "what you see is what you get". This is a Spring Card ... lays flat for mailing and then "springs" into life

We also made two "manly " cards!
This is the first one:
Here is Debbie's take on it - notice her bow...
And here is Jane's take on it - notice her ribbon...
I always love to see how the girls put their own "spin" on the cards ... whether with bows and knots or embellies, or layout or ....

Here is the second "manly" card -

Thanks for peeking today!
Have a wonderful day!
May it be filled with Blessings galore!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Somethings Fishy Here!

This is a total case... well - maybe not total cuz I only used one fish and the gal who posted this last week used two! LOVE this idea using the ornament punch. Check out mik inks at http://mikinks.typepad.com/ on the 14th of May. It amazes me how the ornament punch and elements of the Bird punch can be used for so many things! :) Her bow is made from two small heart punch outs.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Elements of Style

Hi All!
Where has the week gone? It's just flown by! I have mega work to do around here today so this will be a short post! Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do some crafting later today.

I saw this "spotlight" technique on someone's blog a week or so ago and decided to give it a try. I don't remember who had done this :(       ... isn't it pretty?

Here is the inside of my card....
You may have noticed that my last few cards have not had a sentiment on them ... I find that quite often I am looking for a card for a specific reason and don't have one that fits the occasion ... because I've already put a sentiment on it for another occasion.... so I decided to make some cards that are "sentiment free" and then I can add that as the need arises.

Hope you enjoyed your peek here today!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Flight of the Hummingbird!

Good Morning!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Here is another card from Elements of Style... I saw a similar background done by Ann Schach and had to put my own take on it.

Did you know that a hummingbirds wings beat at about 60 to 80 beats per SECOND? Wow! And because they can rotate their wings in a circle they have the ability to fly backwards, forwards, up, down, sideways, and hover - the only bird that is able to do this! Is that not amazing?
And - the normal resting heart beat of a hummingbird is 480 beats per minute.... just imagine that little heart beating so fast!

I'll stop now - could give you lots more facts about these amazing little creatures but I won't.
Have a wonderful day ... hope you see a hummingbird or two today!



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Elements of Style

OOOOOOOH! I love this new set from the Summer Mini!
I actually made a few cards yesterday!
All with this set....
Hope you like this one!
Pretty simple - with some "popping" and 3 gems.
Have an awesome weekend!
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Two weeks??? NO!!! can't be!!!

It's been 2 weeks since I posted anything .. where did it go? Lots has been going on  - but no card making! :(
I think I lost my mojo in the midst of it all! Last week I coverd 70 small notebooks for a Women's Conference at our church... that took a lot of energy - I loved doing it and made everyone different!
Forgot to take some pics! Needless to say  my craft table was piled high with stuff!

Well - you'll be happy to know that I can now see the table itself and am ready to CREATE!!!
So - as I cover the "shop" for hubby today I can craft away to my heart's content. I'll have something to share with you tomorrow!

So - stay tuned - I have a new set that I just opened - gotta run - it's calling to me!