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Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's do the TWIST!

Hi everyone!
Do you remember the days of the TWIST? I used to love to do this dance.... couldn't do it today though! I have a Twisted Card for you today! We will be doing this one at our Card Klub tomorrow!

If you read yesterdays post you will recall that I had a Workshop last night ... and was "worried" that I might forget something! WELL! What are the chances? I did! The ribbon for the card - of all things ... guess I forgot to cut it and put it in the packages! DAH! Even funnier than that I assumed that being in a workplace environment the hostess - nor anyone else - would have what I needed!

Go figure! One of the gals had the ribbon in her desk .... ummmmmm??? :)  Interesting! These girls have regular card-making times together! Gotta love that!

Enough talking - I just thought you'd get a chuckle out of that! Here's the card...

Closed - (there is a pocket here on the front but I have adhered the CS together- you could leave it open if you chose to do so)
 Open ... left side
 Open ... right side ... has a pocket for a gift card or $$$ etc.
Thanks for stopping by today ... I will return next week!

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