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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At the Workshop!

I just have to share this with you! We played a game last night called "What's in your purse?" I had a list of about 24 items ... they got 1 point for each item - of course, the one with the most points was the winner! Here's the smallest pourse there...
These next 2 pics show you some of the purses there - some were huge!
Note the small basket at the lower left corner .... they made one of these as well as a card.

Look at that yellow one - she even had some stickles in it!!! :)

Laughter is good medicine - and we sure laughed at the digging that went on! Looking for a WalMart receipt or a breath mint or a scrunchie... and so on!
This water jug was in one of them!
2 of the gals even had smaller purses inside the big ones - you know! Just in case!!!!!
What a hoot!
A good time was had by all - AND - the hostess recieved an oppporutnity for a level one AND a level two hostess set! She was thrilled!
Thanks for peeking in!

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